Sound design and edit, foley, dubbing, re-recording mixing.

From the early beginnings we have been devoted to our passion for Film. We started out as sound editors and have gradually been growing into editors, designers, Foley artists and mixers.

La Bocina spawns from our dream of providing all postproduction services to  directors in a single location; we believe  feedback between each separate process  is paramount and all of them must coordinated  to serve creativity and  task is achieved; creativity and narrative rigor coexists in the same place, achieving thus the required top quality sound.

Our philosophy has enabled us to learn and grow with exceptional directors, present and future of our Cinematography:  Fernando Trueba, Enrique Urbizu, Pedro Almodóvar, Alberto Rodriguez, Javier Rebollo, Carlos Vermut, Elías León Siminiani among many others.

Our passion for film accordingly moves us to support Short films, with which we enjoy ourselves and keep learning.


La Bocina | c/Abdón Terradas 5, bajo C | 28015 Madrid | Spain