La Bocina's philosophy

Skill and the best technology

Our work-flow gravitates around experience, creativity and seriousness of an  team-work, creativity and an outstanding team of professionals.

La Bocina begins its adventure at the end of 2001 with the long-term aim of becoming a big player among the industry’s finest. Ever since we’ve worked on hundreds of national and international  films, documentaries, animation , musicals, TV shows, with both established filmmakers  and newcomers, short-films, independent and commercial movies, video-mapping, in all sort of genres, formats and production, accumulating many hours of  experience.

Our baggage spreads through all the sound post-production  tasks: sound design, editing, mixing, Foley,  dubbing,  thus allowing us to offer full  tailored support for all our clients’ demands in each project.

Each project is regarded as unique and treated accordingly. We approach sound as an extraordinary tool from both the creative and narrative point of view;  but we don’t overlook the strictly technical areas and we coordinate with the other production departments with the certainty that teamwork helps us achieve the best result.

La Bocina | c/Abdón Terradas 5, bajo C | 28015 Madrid | Spain